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Panta rei

Well, travelling around in a world full of sounds, colours and fragrances where everything flow, in such a great place, my dreams are not fix for sure!

Like a leaf in a whirl, more it is closer to the center greater is its speed, equally my thoughts, more do I have and easier do I find new one.

Exactly how it has been working during my last 15 years whilst trying to answer to the question: "What I will like to be and to do once I'll be older?", I've found lots disgueses, greater and better than the previous update by the latest experiences. After my high school, becoming convinced to design my own 2 stroke engine, I began to study mechanical engineering at the university than ... , once graduated, I've started to desire a more dynamic life as being designer. This new feeling drove me to Germany where I spent 3 of my hardest but enjoyable years till now of my life. And after?

After one new transfer, focused this time on job hunting in the austral sun of in New Zealand, at the beginning planned for a maximum period of 2 months, stead has revealed a year of descovery of different cultures, friends and new sounds, colours and fragrances.

During that time, I've been crossing Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Laos founding happines either washing dishes in a bar in Melbourne or supervising an italian restaurant hall in Auckland and even sharing a bungalow with other traveller, met in front of the entrance door, along the Mekong's river shore in Laos; all of those events, have catapulted my mind in a brand new world where often "I go instead stay" and where much more important is to know how to "stand up after any slump".

And today who am I?

Child of those experiences, I'm all and none of them, ready for another that tomorrow will bring to me able to speed up my motion until (and this is my hope) someone, turning beside me in the same whirl with same speed, will give me the appearance to have stopped my on-going life whilst, instead and still,

Panta rei
(everything flow!)